Intermediate twistlocks and cones are used between containers to secure them and avoid separation. They resist horizontal and /or vertical forces. There are several types: wide body intermediate twistlock, semiautomatic, midlocks, turnfoot twistlocks, intermediate stackers, and others The twistlocks require locking after lashing, while the intermediate cones do not. Left and right locking available for the twistlocks.

Twistlocks are a type of mechanical device used in cargo securing systems, primarily in the shipping industry. Their main purpose is to secure shipping containers to the deck of a container ship, preventing them from shifting or moving during transit. Twistlocks are a crucial component in container lashing systems, ensuring the stability and safety of the cargo on board.

Twistlocks, in conjunction with other lashing components such as lashing bars, turnbuckles, and lashing chains, contribute to the overall stability of cargo on container ships. They play a crucial role in preventing containers from shifting or falling during rough seas or other dynamic conditions encountered during transit.